How Clam Shell Massages Work

Most of us get aching muscles every now and then. And sometimes we simply need a lighter massage to help take the stress out of a busy week. A good sports or remedial massage not only relaxes muscles, but also stimulates circulation and digestion, and aids cell regeneration.

masasage therapist

In order to really enjoy your sessions, it is important to see a qualified massage therapist, though. Some therapists may also use a combination of acupuncture and ultrasound, so make sure to check that in advance, if you have any special requirements.

Using various techniques, a Horsham massage specialist is able to lengthen tight muscles and enhance flexibility, while also clearing your body of toxins and helping you to prevent getting injured. This is paramount for athletes who compete, but a sports massage is suitable for people who don’t necessarily do sports, as well. Sports massage can relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, keep your body in good shape, and prevent strain injuries.

Relaxing massages

However, if you don’t suffer from any particular aches and pains, and just want to relax, a Lava Shell massage may be what you need. The specialist uses real Tiger-Striped Clams from the Philippines; in the old days, these would get thrown away once the content was eaten. Nowadays, though, the shells are used as a massage tool.

They are polished and drilled on one side; the hole is filled with minerals, algae, salt water and essential oils before being plugged. Once that happens, the shells heat up and stay warm for one, maybe two hours. Each clam shell can be reused a couple of times. Prices for this type of massage typically range from $75 to $175.

This is a light, relaxing massage that is somewhat similar to a hot stone massage. Nonetheless, hot stone is a better choice for deeper work, whereas a Tiger Clam shells massage is more suitable for an invigorating, yet light massage.

Unlike the Lava Shell approach, a hot stone massage employs both the therapist’s hands and smooth stones that are heated. Alternatively, the massage specialist can simply place the stones on your body.


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