Advantages Of A Mobile Massage Therapy Business

Massaging is the best way to get relaxation both for mind and body. But not many people in London can afford to visit any massage center for the therapy in their busy schedule. Mobile massage therapy provides a way so that everyone can get this service done wherever possible such as home, office, or business locations. These therapists carry a portable massage chair and all other necessary equipments for the therapy. Many people opt for a mobile massage therapist in London as they can get some relaxation from their hectic schedules.


When you offer a mobile service, you can get more clients and you can have the freedom to work anywhere. Even when you do not have a massage table, seated head, neck, and shoulder massages can be offered to clients at their offices which helps them to get some relaxation during work hours. Hence it is considered to be a cost-effective business. Other expenses such as rent can be avoided. You have the flexibility of working and you can take up appointments when you are free.

Marketing can be done everywhere you go which increases the chances of getting new clients. You will give convenience to the clients,so that they can get the service at their homes without the need to travel. Cancellations are much less for mobile therapists as compared to traditional therapists as massage will be done at the client’s convenience. You can keep the prices low to attract more customers.

Cure Your Diseases With Physiotherapy

Unfortunately, most of the people in this world suffer with several types of health problems which cause difficulty in performing their daily tasks. There are many health problems such as joint pain, backbone problem, cervical problem and many more from which people suffer. The people in Cambridge who are suffering from such diseases can be cured easily through physiotherapy. There are different types of therapies which are recommended by the doctors for different types of the health problems. There are lots of people who prefer to adopt therapy method to treat their self because it has no side effects on the body. If you are also looking for such type of service you can take services of the Cambridge physiotherapy clinic.

Headache and neck pain – It is the most common problem and multiple people are suffering from headache and neck pain. Working with headache is a daunting task as people feel so much of difficulty if there is a pain in their head or neck while working hours. It also ruins the quality of your work which causes negative impact on your job. In such a situation it is better for you that you should consult a physiotherapist as they provide you with the effective therapies to reduce your problems.

Asthma – It is a disease which cannot be cured and in this the patients feel difficulty while breathing. With the help of these therapies, you can at least minimize the symptoms of this disease. This problem is really very dangerous and with minor mistake can lead to death.

Different Types Of Massages For Your Help

therapeutic massage
The best and reliable massage therapists of London bring their magical hands at your service. You can take their excellent services at your work place, home and hotel rooms. They are highly skilled and very passionate about their work. They are easily available around the city of London, so when you feel the need to hire them, then you can feel free to call them at your decided place. Massage by these experienced therapists relieves you from all the pains and tiredness in your body.

Types of massage therapy-

There are different types of therapies that are provided by the therapists for the comfort of their clients. Everyone needs different type of massage but it is not necessary that each person likes to have the same type of massage. There are many types of massages that you can take.

Swedish massage therapy– This type of massage is provided in Gym, health clinic, and spas for the comfort of the people. With the help of this massage, people become relaxed and it freshen up their mood too. This massage is based on the western technique in which the lotion and oil is applied upon the body of the clients so that they may feel relaxed and comfortable.

Hot stone massage– In this therapy, therapists use hot and smooth stones on that point of your body which is paining. The hot stone can loosen up your tight muscles and relieve the muscles from pain. Patient suffering from problems such has high blood pressure and diabetes, should try this therapy as it helps them a lot in their medical condition.

How Clam Shell Massages Work

Most of us get aching muscles every now and then. And sometimes we simply need a lighter massage to help take the stress out of a busy week. A good sports or remedial massage not only relaxes muscles, but also stimulates circulation and digestion, and aids cell regeneration.

masasage therapist

In order to really enjoy your sessions, it is important to see a qualified massage therapist, though. Some therapists may also use a combination of acupuncture and ultrasound, so make sure to check that in advance, if you have any special requirements.

Using various techniques, a Horsham massage specialist is able to lengthen tight muscles and enhance flexibility, while also clearing your body of toxins and helping you to prevent getting injured. This is paramount for athletes who compete, but a sports massage is suitable for people who don’t necessarily do sports, as well. Sports massage can relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, keep your body in good shape, and prevent strain injuries.

Relaxing massages

However, if you don’t suffer from any particular aches and pains, and just want to relax, a Lava Shell massage may be what you need. The specialist uses real Tiger-Striped Clams from the Philippines; in the old days, these would get thrown away once the content was eaten. Nowadays, though, the shells are used as a massage tool.

They are polished and drilled on one side; the hole is filled with minerals, algae, salt water and essential oils before being plugged. Once that happens, the shells heat up and stay warm for one, maybe two hours. Each clam shell can be reused a couple of times. Prices for this type of massage typically range from $75 to $175.

This is a light, relaxing massage that is somewhat similar to a hot stone massage. Nonetheless, hot stone is a better choice for deeper work, whereas a Tiger Clam shells massage is more suitable for an invigorating, yet light massage.

Unlike the Lava Shell approach, a hot stone massage employs both the therapist’s hands and smooth stones that are heated. Alternatively, the massage specialist can simply place the stones on your body.